my friends

my friends

Monday, 18 June 2012

my story

Hi, my name is Abul Qayyim bin Rahim.
Actually, i was born in penang but i now i'm staying in kedah.
My primary school is SK Hashim Awang and SK Teloi Kanan.

For my secondary school is Sultan Abdul Hamid College.
all boys

Now i'm studying in UiTM Merbok for Diploma in Computer Science.
My hobby is to play computer's games.I also like to watching anime or read manga in internet..hehe
My father is a mechanic.He works in Penang.While mother is a house-keeping but every year in Ramadhan, my mother will make 'kuih raya' to sell. So, if somebody wants 'kuih raya' can order to me.The price i'm not remember but if someone wants it, I can ask my mother. I have 2 sisters and one brother. I was the oldest one.I am a go happy person but when I am with somebody I don't know I will become passive or shy...
Maybe this is disease, so I hope there are somebody that can help me..HEHE(*_*)

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